Zebra Stripes Possibly Help in Thermoregulation, Study Says

January 18, 2015 4:11 PM

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A new study has revealed that zebra stripes possibly act as a means of thermoregulation, instead of acting as a camouflage. The study has been published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Previously, many scientists have tried to associate the stripes with social order of a herd or camouflaging tactics in the wild but could not achieve success. However, now the researchers from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have found that stripe abundance and density on zebras in a particular region is linked to temperature variations in that area.

Lead researcher of the study, Brenda Larison says “The adaptive significance of zebra stripes has thus far eluded understanding. Many explanations have been suggested, including social cohesion, thermoregulation, predation evasion and avoidance of biting flies.” Larison further added “Plains zebra s...

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