Zaki's Review: Black or White

January 30, 2015 7:21 AM

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I stand by every word of that. In fact, Costner's performance in writer-director Mike Binder's otherwise forgettable melodrama Black or White only helps underscore that earlier point. As an actor, Costner is just imminently watchable. Even in material such as this, that really doesn't measure up to his performance, I can still find a particular joy in just watching his choices as he works through a scene. Nonetheless, just as with 3 Days to Kill, I sometimes wish he'd pick a better variety of projects with which to fill his dance card.

Now, to give Black or White (which Costner himself financed) its due, it does make an honest, earnest try at addressing the considerable racial divide that continues to effect so many facets of life in this country. But unlike, say, last month's Selma, which depicted historical events to offer comme...

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