Yuna at Stage 48: The Sweetest Taboo

November 11, 2014 9:11 PM

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The Lincoln Tunnel connects New York City to New Jersey by a 1.5 mile passage under the Hudson River. It enters Manhattan in Midtown on the West Side, and since 1937 it has served as a punishment for motorists wishing to enter the city through that gateway. "You wanna come to New York so bad? Take an hour of this!" Driving from Philadelphia to New York meant that I would have to endure this self-flagellation, and I did so willingly and knowingly for one reason: Yuna was appearing in concert.

I won't claim to have been a fan from the start. My familiarity came more by way of simple curiosity. At a time when most retailers were clearing the shelves of physical CD products, one ubiquitous coffee seller was actively promoting her, with copies placed in clear view among its thousands of loca...

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