What Your Yoga Teacher Really Means: 'Soften Your Front Ribs'

January 12, 2015 4:17 PM

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What Your Yoga Teacher Really Means: 'Soften Your Front Ribs'

Students who know me well, especially the ones I have taught in teacher trainings or workshops, know language is very important to me as a yoga teacher. I always say, "If they can't understand what you mean, they can't do it. You may as well be speaking a foreign language." My job is to get people to understand what I mean in the clearest way possible. I choose my words carefully and continually try to refine how I articulate not only alignment instructions but also philosophical concepts.

Anatomy happens to be one of my loves. And so I believe, especially when it comes to anatomy, a teacher should aim for precision and know what is happening or what she wants to happen anatomically for every physical instruction given. I feel it's a responsibility I have to keep my students safe when...

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