How to Be Your True Self | Dr. Gail Gross

February 4, 2015 9:49 PM

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How to Be Your True Self | Dr. Gail Gross

It's the question we often ask ourselves, and usually find difficult to answer with full and authentic honesty. Instead, we opt to conform: to do what we think is right and be the kind of person we believe will be most accepted by our peers. As I wrote about recently, why we care about what other people think of us goes back to the biology of our primal ancestors. Therefore, when someone tells you to disregard what others think and "just be yourself," you are, in a way, working against an internal need to be liked and accepted by your peers.

Carl Jung wrote extensively about the process of individuation, which, in short, is the layered process of finding your true, authentic self. In a nutshell, individuation is when you recognize and acknowledge your persona (the personality that you present to the world) and integrate it with the cont...

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