Your Personal Balance Equation

February 2, 2015 10:24 PM

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Your Personal Balance Equation

Today, whether you've realized it or not, you've done a lot of balancing. Maybe you've done some yoga and balanced on your hands or on one foot, but that's not the type of balancing I'm talking about. What I'm referring to is how you've balanced your schedule throughout the day: managing your work obligations, running personal errands, evaluating spontaneous social opportunities, reacting to urgent situations, and hopefully, blocking off some time for self care. Depending on how well you balanced everything, you probably felt either productive or overwhelmed, calm or anxious, happy or frustrated. Basically, you either felt bad or you felt good.

It feels good to be balanced, and with the mindfulness boom of the 21st century, I've noticed our cultural attitudes are shifting. Many of us are beginning to see the connection between balance and overall well-being. While still prevalent in certain circles, perspectives like working 80 hour weeks ...

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