When Your Partner Becomes a Stranger

January 26, 2015 4:32 PM

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Sometimes, seemingly out of left field, your partner becomes someone you don't recognize. An invisible line gets crossed and you find yourself being treated like his or her enemy or someone they are disinterested in rather than as their cherished partner. One minute everything seems fine and the next you don't recognize this person inhabiting your loved one's body. What do you do? Is it a passing, but forgivable, mood? Or is something bigger going on here? Is it time to pack your bags? Time to stand up for yourself? Or is it time to work on your relationship together? The fact of the matter is there are no hard and fast rules here except to pay attention, hold your own counsel, and trust your gut.

Chances are when things get this out of hand it's because neither of you have developed effective enough communication skills to be really heard by each other. When communications are running smoothly -- even when you have very different points of view, and emotions and stakes are high -- both parti...

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