Be Your Own Rule Breaker | Hannah Zack

August 15, 2014 5:45 PM

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Be Your Own Rule Breaker | Hannah Zack

I want you to ask yourself what your biggest fear is. Now that you've identified it, how does that fear impede your life? What is holding you back? I hate spiders, flies, ants, small airplanes, heights... well you get the idea. But one of my deepest fears was falling and breaking a bone as I learned how to ride a bike. An 18-year-old who does not know how to ride a bike?! Trust me -- I tried and have the emotional scars to prove it. But the reason I never learned was due to my physical disability. My lower extremities (ankles, legs) don't work so well and my feet and left hip are deformed. The good news is that I can walk even though my parents were told at my birth that walking wasn't going to happen. They have always been afraid of taking me out of the invisible bubble that protects me, but still my dad was determined to get me on a bike.

My dad and I attempted to get me balanced on two wheels, but to say it was unsuccessful would be an understatement. To his credit, he tried really hard to help me, but after a while, I ditched the bike and never looked back. Eight years later I discovered a desire to ride. I went for bicycle riding ...

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