Your Only Hope Is to Get Healthier

January 9, 2015 7:18 PM

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Are you an aging boomer or almost boomer, with kids, jobs and busy schedules? We are. It's tempting to say at this stage of life that weight gain, poor health, and waning energy are inevitable. After all, disease is normal, and who has time to eat right and exercise? Actually, disease is not inevitable, and we do need to make time to eat right and exercise. Health care costs are straining American wallets. What if we did not need so much medical attention? What if we were not almost 70 percent overweight and 70 percent on pharmaceuticals? What if we did not need doctors, drugs, hospitals, and surgeries?

It is time to get serious about eating healthier, living longer, and improving the quality of our life. The food on our plate is either our enemy, making us sick, fat, and weak, or it is our partner in good health, making us better, stronger, and happier. The snacks in our grocery store cart, the en...

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