Your Gluten Intolerance May All Be in Your Mind

October 6, 2014 5:30 PM

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Your Gluten Intolerance May All Be in Your Mind

This is a huge change from Gibson’s previous study on a gluten diets. He’d previously done a study on this topic in 2011 which indicated that non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), what is commonly referred to by most people as “gluten intolerance,” was real. The results of his study were used as evidence on why people should reduce gluten in their diets or go gluten free. Ultimately, however, he was unsatisfied with the results of the first study, and decided to conduct another study to get more information. The new study found results which opposed those found in the first one, and may overturn the results of his initial study according to Real Clear Science.

In the second study, Gibson studied 37 individuals who had already been tested by doctors and they had all been cleared of having celiac disease. Although they didn’t have celiac disease, all subjects did say they experienced improved gastrointestinal symptoms when they chose to eat a gluten-free di...

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