Is Your Doctor on Big Pharma's Dole?

October 8, 2014 2:26 PM

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Is Your Doctor on Big Pharma's Dole?

A signature theme of my new book Unaccountable is a staggering decline in trust in an array of institutions: banks, Congress, the media, you name it, since the 1970s. But in one area, trust has grown. Nearly 70 percent of Americans polled late last year thought their doctors rated high or very high for honesty and integrity. That's 22 points higher than the clergy. (If you're a lobbyist, don't bother looking.)

Do doctors deserve that trust? Perhaps not entirely, according to ProPublica, the New York Times, and my own analysis in Unaccountable. Pharmaceutical companies engage in direct lobbying of lawmakers, but the focus of my book is the newer, unconventional, and typically more insidious path to influen...

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