Your Disability Is Not My Problem

December 17, 2014 7:33 PM

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It is not hard to notice that air travel has become more stressful for everyone in the last few years. Between long security lines, confiscated water bottles and impounded tweezers, everyone's' patience seems to be running thin. On top of this, our family has the added stressor of traveling with a food allergic child. We don't just worry about missing the plane or forgetting to pack certain belongings; we worry about what other passengers on the plane are eating and if we will have enough life-saving epinephrine at 35,000 feet to counter a possible fatal anaphylactic attack.

There exists a lot of resentfulness out there to those who need extra help with flying. There are grumblings of "special assistance," holding up planes, and just frustration in general toward any group who needs extra measures. Whether you have a disability or not, travel is difficult, and when we t...

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