How Your Body Is a Gateway to Your Creative Expression

January 27, 2015 7:51 PM

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I read a stunning submission this week from one of my students that had all the elements of good storytelling minus one thing: body sensations. I found myself desperately wanting her to describe the sensations that must have been coming up for her as she wrote about what for her was a true-life, horrid event of discovering that her child had been murdered. And although she's writing memoir, it's not just memoir that requires us to get into the physical sensations our characters feel. Whether your character is you or a made-up protagonist, body sensations (literally what you or your characters physically feel in reaction to circumstances) help your reader know that what they're feeling is aligned with what you wanted them to feel when you envisioned or wrote the passage.

Last summer I visited a friend who's a writer and writing teacher. She explained to me how writing (and by extension any creativity) moves through us like a spiritual force, and how we can tap into that essential creative source through yoga and energy work. I remembered this recently because I've r...

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