Your Bad Back Is Boring Me

November 6, 2014 2:35 PM

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Your Bad Back Is Boring Me

I'm sorry, did I say your bad back? It's actually mine that's the problem. Every time I hear myself jabbering on about why I'm walking with a hunch, or why I haven't run for a couple of days -- it's some kind of muscle pull, or maybe a disc out of alignment, nothing serious, but it's hard to stand up straight, though sitting isn't bad -- I realize what a bore I've become. Who wants to listen to this?

Every aging athlete I know is grappling with a rebellious body, and we're all shocked, shocked by this unwelcome development. This is just one of the troubles with getting old, especially when you think of yourself as athletic and vital: your ailments take you by surprise. What's perfectly logical t...

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