You Are Where You Eat | Bruce Y. Lee

February 13, 2015 7:48 PM

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You Are Where You Eat | Bruce Y. Lee

If I am what I eat, today I am day-old pizza. I am cheesy, greasy, and perhaps a bit saucy. This was not my intention (except for the saucy part depending on how you define the word). But busy at work, I reached for whatever I could find. The options were to go the convenience store several blocks away to piece together a potato chip, chocolate sandwich or scavenge for some leftover food from work meetings. The latter choice brought me to some cardboard pizza inside a cardboard box. And the rest... as they say... was history. Yes, once again, my food environment conquered me.

Think you are in sole control of what you eat? Think again. Your food environment helps govern what you eat. Your food environment is the food sources around you -- the grocery stores, the restaurants, the convenience stores, the work or school cafeteria, the vending machines, etc. Your food environ...

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