Are You A Sociopath?

January 13, 2014 4:28 PM

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Are You A Sociopath?

“Females Only,” the season 3 premiere of “Girls,” finds Hannah and Adam happily cohabiting in her apartment (no word on what happened to his dungeon abode). Hannah is still working at Cafe Grumpy, and when Adam stops by to get a key he runs into his ex, Natalia, and her very angry friend (a very funny Amy Schumer). The girls give him a dressing down in front of a bewildered but clearly amused Hannah, who lets Amy Schumer's dig about her appearance roll right over her. She won. Adam may be a feral animal, but for now, he's her animal.

Marnie is crashing with her mom (Rita Wilson) since she and Charlie broke up (probably for good – Christopher Abbot confirmed this fall that he would not be returning for the next season of “Girls"). In true Marnie style, she's behaving as though the end of her relationship is the end of the world. ...

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