Are You Sleeping With Your Husband, or Is Someone Else?

November 12, 2014 6:46 PM

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Awhile back I interviewed, Julie Gordon White of Grow at the Well on my show The Entrepreneur Experience, where I speak candidly with women entrepreneurs about business, family, and all the cracks in life. I loved speaking with Julie, because she is brilliant, witty and right down straightforward. When I was interviewing her I asked her, "Has your relationship suffered since you are so passionate about your company? Do you actually even see your husband anymore?"

Julie was so direct with me, I loved it. She simply said, "Lane here's the truth, if you're not sleeping with your husband, someone else is!" She continued to tell me how much time and effort she puts into her relationship and how after 20+ years it's still working. What I learned from Julie in that...

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