What You Should and Shouldn't Say to Someone Diagnosed With Cancer

January 6, 2015 1:23 PM

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Cancer fighters don't need pity. While we all wish it hadn't happened, cancer happening isn't something we can change or control now. What we can control is our attitude about it. Cancer isn't something to feel sorry about. It's an occasion to rise our swords to. Tell us you're with us, that you're fighting beside us. Tell us you believe in our ability to overcome it, emotionally and physically. Tell us you're proud of us, but don't ever say you're sorry for us.

As outrageous as it sounds, I have been told by more than one person that if I had just eaten better, a cleaner or preservative free diet perhaps, I wouldn't have gotten cancer. I've been told if I had just prayed more, it wouldn't have happened. While you may believe all these reasons to be complet...

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