Who Are You, Really? | Tammy Plunkett

February 11, 2015 6:48 PM

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Who Are You, Really? | Tammy Plunkett

In a day and age when we closely monitor our online persona to create exactly what we want others to think of us, it is often quite easy for us to forget our true selves. We are constantly bombarded by impossibly perfect opinions and images of "the right way to be" and "the right thing to do." It's therefore not surprising that we prefer hiding behind avatars that only share the highlight reels of our lives on social media.

But the side effect of all this hiding is that we are lonely. Our true self is just aching to be called out into the open and to have a meaningful conversation with another true self. We are alone in a sea of people who are just as shallow as we are, as they're hiding their true selves, too.

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