You're Not Really Doing That, Are You?

August 12, 2014 6:56 PM

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So, as I was making my morning rounds at the Madison Square Club this morning, I saw a couple of things that inspired me to write this impromptu blog. I started in the cardio room where I saw my friend and client K "jogging" on the treadmill at 3.1 mph and 5 percent incline. When I asked her why she was "jogging" so slowly, she responded "but I'm at 5 percent incline." I explained that what she was doing was really bad for her knees and hard on her hips and back. I increased the speed to 3.5 mph and increased the elevation to 10 percent and explained that she would get much better results without risking knee, hip or back injuries. The lesson here: Listen to your body. What K was doing didn't look right or feel right. YOU HAVE TO STAY ENGAGED -- CONNECT YOUR MIND TO YOUR BODY!

Then I walked down what my clients have referred to as the dreaded lunge hallway to see a client doing chest presses on a stability ball. She got up mid-set to chat with me, to which I responded, "What are you doing? You've got five more!" "Oh, I thought I was done," she meekly responded. The lesson...

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