You're a Mind Gardener | Susan Pearse

January 26, 2015 1:49 AM

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You're a mind gardener. This is so important I'm going to say it again. You are a mind gardener. Every moment of every day you cultivate your mind whether you realize it or not. There is no moment in your life, since the day you were born, that you have not been a mind gardener. I'm not saying that you are a mind gardener because you're a meditator or a lover of positive affirmations. Even if you don't want to be one, you are. Because it is your every thought, action and experience that wires, shapes, moulds and refines your brain and shapes your life.

That's pretty significant. Because every part of your life is determined by your brain. And you can choose to let it happen in the generally unconscious way that many of us bumble through life, or you can wake up, get conscious, and design your mind garden. But either way you are, and will always be...

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