Are You Paying Attention

April 17, 2015 7:58 PM

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Are You Paying Attention

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." . Benjamin Franklin (American Statesman 1706-1790) A question only you can answer and it is one often asked. Are you a loyal or a judgmental person? How to be loyal everyone can answer in his own way. A judgmental person often covers it by a pretense to be knowledgeable or knowing better. We are not thinking of loyalty when we think about family, those we take for granted. This special deep connection of loyalty between people is a searching one. How do we find it? We live in a time when the word loyalty is almost a forgotten one, considered old-fashioned. Quick answers are the mantra of today... loyalty has fallen out of favor. It is not always convenient, for false loyalty can represent misuse or pretense. Loyalty can bring about blind sighted behavior or adoration for not seeing evil in others. We don't think of people being evil, yet we have many evil examples throughout history. Of course we should also question power...and then think of the question about loyalty.

In this country we elect a new leader every four years at a huge cost. We develop a loyal feeling for him or her. We learn to trust their judgment, their leadership. Or do we? Often we are deeply disappointed, even pained if this loyalty is misplaced or even misused. Do the people we elect have char...

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