You know nothing, Jon Snow, but this Game of Thrones refresher will catch you up

April 12, 2015 12:08 AM

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House Stark’s words are not an empty threat, nor do they refer only to the weather. They reference an army of supernatural creatures that live beyond the great Wall of Westeros, strengthening their numbers by reanimating corpses and remodeling infants in their own image. The White Walkers, as they’re called, have been a constant presence since the very first scene of Thrones, even if they have not quite yet made their move; though they are slow, their arrival is inevitable, and perhaps even imminent, as we enter season five.

The only thing that stands between the White Walkers and total dominion over Westeros is the massive Wall in the North, patrolled by the honorable men of the Night’s Watch. But “men” is overstating it for some of these children, and “honorable” hardly applies to the majority — and it’s a thin majori...

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