You Can Be Invisible, Even in a Visible Role

September 9, 2014 4:56 PM

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Have you or someone you know been personally impacted by disengagement? Do you manage someone (or more than one) who isn't engaged? Is a loved one struggling to reconnect and reengage in all facets of their life? Whether at work or at home, many people suffering from disengagement share a common trait: they feel invisible around others. It doesn't matter if you are a secretary, a CFO, a nurse or a stay-at-home wife and mother, you can still feel like no one knows you are there or even cares about how you feel.

While I was writing my book on reengagement, I had the opportunity to interview a number of successful people who had one thing in common. Some level of disengagement had touched them all. In some cases, they clearly knew they were disengaged. In others, they just knew something wasn't right but tho...

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