Are You Addicted To Stress? Here's How To Tell

August 19, 2014 12:44 PM

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We wear our stress like a badge of honor, humble-bragging about how little sleep we got last night, how our weekend was spent racing to meet a deadline, and how we're too busy to take a vacation. This lifestyle seems to have reached epidemic proportions, with 63 percent of Americans reporting feeling stressed and more than a quarter citing a "great deal" of stress, according to a spring 2014 survey by NPR and the Harvard School of Public Health. The majority of twentysomethings and women credit the sheer weight of too many responsibilities as the source of their angst.

Some experts believe that our tight-knit relationship with stress is partly self-imposed. Many of us, they think, are actually addicted to stress -- seeking out the crunch of deadlines or the flurry of incoming work emails as though they were coffee, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. The good news, howe...

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