Yoga: Using the Wall Effectively

February 10, 2015 8:29 PM

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For years now it feels like in every class I'm encouraging my students away from the wall. After all, you can't take the wall with you without creating some serious new blockage. However, this past winter I injured my hand (tore ligaments flying into crane pose), and it's forced me to completely change my practice. I'm taking this as an opportunity to work on something that always felt like I'd have to work so hard to get there it couldn't be but about striving and ambition -- scorpion with toes touching the head (as beautifully demonstrated by the woman pictured above on the left, rivkayoga, whom I "know" through Instagram).

With the injury I'm always on my forearms instead of my hands. I wanted to start playing with that balance. Sure, I can drop into a kind of scorpion (a backbend from forearm balance), but when I saw the picture above, with its perfect squares, I realized the wall would be a wonderful tool for taking...

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