Yoga-tta Be Mind Bendy: Your Brain on Yoga

July 18, 2014 4:42 PM

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Yoga-tta Be Mind Bendy: Your Brain on Yoga

This is a great time to be a yoga enthusiast. Flashy clothes, trendy gym bags, celebrity endorsements, and new technology lend itself to a pretty diverse and exciting time in fitness. Now more than ever, people are getting up from their chairs and moving their bodies in ways they never thought were possible unless having previously trained for the Olympics. Our enthusiasm is infectious, our curiosity and trust is a treasure, and clearly our world is a brighter and more interesting place because we "do yoga." However, with all this attention on the HOW of yoga, we have managed to overlook the WHY of yoga. And here is where my story begins...

We are a busy society and have been raised on a steady diet of fast food, coffee, and burning the midnight oil. It's marvelous how we manage to get to yoga class and the gym, meet work deadlines, plan that weekend getaway, drive the kids to soccer practice, Facebook, tweet, or brag about it all, and...

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