Will Yoga Ruin Your Career?

January 23, 2015 5:58 PM

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I recently saw a video of Asthanga teacher Richard Freeman on how yoga ruins your life. The phrase that stood out for me was that it will ruin your career. Last week, I allowed my mindfulness and yoga practice to do just that. I pulled out of a management interview (I had been selected as one of five from over 100 applicants). My brain was screaming as I did this, and it still is, although less loudly (I did have a dream about it last night though). It's saying: What are you doing? You could do that job! You are smart enough! You can do more! Go go go! Do more! Achieve more! Be the BEST!

For the first time, I am not listening to this loud voice. I am listening to the quiet one. The one I've been cultivating over the past eight years in my yoga and mindfulness practice. The shy one that says your life is already wonderful. You are already doing your best. It is enough to be present i...

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