A Yoga Instructor's 20-Second Stretch For Better Posture (VIDEO)

October 9, 2014 12:53 PM

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"Women's purses tend to be oversized and filled to capacity, and that puts a lot of weight on one shoulder," says massage therapist Danielle Chow-Leong. "This tends to make us round our shoulders, which shortens our pectoral muscles and puts more stress on our upper back and neck muscles. Pectoral muscles rarely hurt, but compensatory muscles become hypertonic (tight), may spasm or even give off a burning sensation." How to fix it: Wear a knapsack instead of a large purse on one shoulder, Chow-Leong suggests, or a crossbody bag (which tends to be smaller, giving you less room to stuff heavy things into it). If you want to keep carrying your purse, change up the side you wear it on for half the day.

"Sitting with your wallet in your back pocket can cause increased compression to gluteal and piriformis (butt) muscles," says Chow-Leong. "The increased height on one side causes a shift in the pelvis if sitting is prolonged. This can also cause increased shortening of other muscles surrounding the ...

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