Yield to Whim | Matthew Terrell

September 10, 2014 3:28 PM

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Yield to Whim | Matthew Terrell

I recently received an incredibly generous "gift of time" from the Djerassi Resident Artist Program (DRAP) in Woodside, California. "Time" seemed like a peculiar perk for an artist residency program to tout, but once I arrived on the ranch I understood what it meant. DRAP is located on a secluded 600-acre ranch overlooking the Pacific ocean, and leaving the property was a long, windy-road-ed ordeal; I clocked in maybe 15 hours off the property my entire month there. The folks at DRAP provide artists everything they need so they can focus on creating art. They housed us, fed us, fetched supplies from the city, and provided a supportive environment where all the artists have to do is create. Residencies last four weeks, and they come at no cost to the artists. The "gift of time" at DRAP means you are free to do, or not do, whatever you please for a month without distraction.

This residency is located on SMIP Ranch, which is tucked into the Santa Cruz Mountains just south of San Francisco. SMIP Ranch was founded in the 1960s by Carl Djerassi, the brilliant chemist responsible for creating the birth control pill. Djerassi turned this cattle ranch into an artist residency ...

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