This Year's Flu Vaccine Is Only 23 Percent Effective

January 15, 2015 6:33 PM

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While the flu shot is generally considered your best line of defense, it's not guaranteed protection. "The current influenza vaccine is good, but not perfect," says Tosh. Think of the flu shot like a seatbelt, he says. Vaccinating doesn't mean you can't get the flu, but the outcome will likely be better if you do. "It is possible people who have been vaccinated and get influenza will have less severe disease," says Tosh, so there's no excuse to skip the shot. But you should also take other measures to make sure you stay healthy this season, like getting adequate sleep, maintaining a regular exercise routine, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth and drinking lots of water.

Sure, it's better than spraying those germs directly into the air above your neighbor's cubicle. But when you sneeze into your hands, chances are you then grab a doorknob or a shared phone or touch a keyboard or shake a coworker's hand -- and pass along whatever bug you're hosting. About a decade ag...

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