Year in Review

December 3, 2014 10:27 PM

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Below is something I wrote when I turned 30 in January of this year. It's now December, and I think it's a great time to note that, as it turns out, once you figure out how to meander through life with a positive and productive outlook, your notes on how to remain happy can become timeless. Today as I reflect on what I wrote, I find that I am even happier than when I wrote it. I haven't changed my perspective on my career, on marriage, or on having children, and I am that much better for sticking to my convictions. I only set goals and deadlines that are measurable, and sometimes, I use only happiness as a measurement for how well I'm doing. This doesn't mean I don't have difficult days. This means that I'm learning how to better handle them.

Reflecting on this little note made me proud of the year I've had. I plan to read it again when I turn 31, and probably every year as I age as a compare and contrast tool. But one thing will remain the same: I'm going to "Make the most of the good things and the least of the bad things." Cheers to 2...

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