Yeah, It's "Too Soon" With Robin Williams

August 15, 2014 4:00 PM

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Yeah, It's "Too Soon" With Robin Williams

I have a friend who lives in L.A. and writes about celebrity. Mostly cynically. The day after Robin Williams died, in typical fashion, he posted to Facebook and his exactly 5,000 followers, that he didn't think Robin Williams was funny. The response was just what you would expect, and just what he was looking for: Some people yammered in agreement, others howled "too soon." I responded with, "who gives a fuck if you think Robin Williams was funny?" Then there was more yammering and howling about those who were and weren't outraged.

In the immortal words of Denzel Washington in Philadelphia (and the countless other places it has been said), I'll explain it to you like you are a four-year-old. We feel pain when a celebrity dies, not because of their celebrity, but because we feel like we know them through their work. It's like a...

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