Worthy Wines for Valentine’s

February 13, 2015 4:58 PM

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Worthy Wines for Valentine’s

IF THERE IS one night of the year when you probably don’t want to book a table at your favorite restaurant it’s Feb. 14, St. Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about you but the thought of romantically themed menus, amorous couples and obsequious maître d’s makes me shudder. I can remember the last time I went out for Valentine’s Day and it was a long time ago, more than 15 years. The sommelier made such a fiasco of opening our wine, I vowed never to do it again.

The restaurant in question allowed you to bring your own bottle for a sensible corkage fee, and I had bought a particularly old bottle of French wine for the occasion. The sommelier managed to snap the cork, leaving half of it in the neck of the bottle, with really no idea how to retrieve it. It was...

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