The World's Most Fascinating Abandoned Cities

July 9, 2014 12:27 PM

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The World's Most Fascinating Abandoned Cities

Cities are supposed to be full of people. Perhaps that's why dead cities are so compelling. But it's not just the ghosts, or the uncanny sense of sudden departures, it's also fact that such places often seem to have more symbolic power than living cities; they offer stark warnings and telling judgements on our misguided attempts to fashion urban utopias but also on our remorseless capacity to cover the planet with concrete. While some stand pristine yet empty, surreal incarnations of hubris, in others our presumption to be above nature is mocked, as hefty roots crack open the sidewalks and vines coil around lampposts.

Kijong-dong A fake city in North Korea where the lights go on and off inside tower blocks that have no glass in their windows. There are no residents and no visitors are allowed. But the lights are on timers and the roads are periodically swept. Kijong-dong, which is also called "Peace Village," was...

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