A World Where "Normal" Is Freaky: Freakshow Redefines "Normal"

October 22, 2014 1:57 PM

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A World Where "Normal" Is Freaky: Freakshow Redefines "Normal"

My seventeen-year-old Olivia is to be thanked for this piece. Last week she was checking out some back episodes of AMC's TV series "Venice Beach Freakshow" on Netflix. Becoming enamored by the cast, with their unique personalities, their "skills set" and their thoughts on life, she insisted that I start watching it with her.

I only had to watch the commercial trailer for the show, and "Uhhh... I... uhhh, no... I don't think so." She's not one to take no for a serious answer, and when she wants to drive a point home, she draws from her own set of persuasion tactics. I swear, I think schools are actually encouraging our k...

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