Working With the Best Batman of All, Adam West

October 16, 2014 7:00 PM

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Working With the Best Batman of All, Adam West

My favorite Batman has always been, Adam West. Most fans of the character are usually a bit taken back when I make that statement. In my conversations, in places like ComicCon, about who is the best Batman, most fans end up totally disagreeing with me. Usually by stating that either Christian Bale or Michael Keaton were the best actors to wear the cowl. I understand why they are fan favorites. They brought depth and reality to the character. But they both portrayed Batman as The Dark Knight. Adam West portrayed Batman as The Bright Knight--a very difficult trick to pull off.

Adam West walked the tightrope between comedy and playing a hero you could truly root for. He was able to say the most absurd things very earnestly, and then convince the audience that he was totally committed to every line of dialogue. Parents, who viewed the program, caught all the camp humor, as ...

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