In the Words of the Beatles, 'Help!'

January 12, 2015 8:58 PM

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I worry about my generation. Outside of all the chaos and destruction in the world, I worry about my generation's sense of entitlement and lack of desire to learn from, or about, its history. I was driving in my car yesterday, having recently downloaded Kanye West's new song featuring Sir Paul McCartney; I immediately remember seeing stories online about the amount of young people who either had no idea who McCartney was, or even better, thought that Kanye was giving some music hopeful a chance to "make it big."

Growing up, I would have gotten a smack to the back of my head if I dared to be unaware of Paul McCartney or his involvement in the most famous band of all time! I was lucky though; my father stressed the importance of where music styles came from, who influenced the music world, and what was genuin...

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