Women's Holiday Stress: Is the Way I'm Doing the Holidays Working for Me?

December 18, 2014 5:01 PM

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Women report more stress over the holidays compared to men. They also say it's harder to relax during the holidays, and they are also more likely to engage in default coping skills (like comfort eating). Why is this the case? Just take a look at the magazine rack at your local grocery store. Women are being instructed to make the perfect meal, decorate the home perfectly and buy the perfect gifts... all this pressure for perfection! On the other hand, men are learning about the hottest new gadgets for the holidays. This societal pressure is so strong that research shows that women are almost twice as likely as men to say they'll do all the work necessary to pull off the holiday festivities. No wonder women have more stress than men during the holidays! How do you handle this stress?

Of course, there are a number of in the moment de-stressors, such as: read a book, go for a walk, journal or have a lunch or phone date with a friend. You can also use deep breathing as a way to relax. To breathe deeply for stress reduction, pretend you're breathing air all the way down to your toes...

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