Women in Art: 7 Top Female Collectors

September 19, 2014 8:47 PM

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Women in Art: 7 Top Female Collectors

Recently there seems to be a growing conversation around women in the art world and the unequal playing field at all levels of the game. Over the past two years, I've personally focused a great deal of my attention on highlighting and interviewing women working in the art world and one thing most seem to agree on is there needs to be more women collecting art. Many women in the art world believe if more women began collecting art as well as supporting women artists, there would be a drastic change in how women are viewed and respected in the art world. Unlike their boisterous and boastful male counterparts, most female collectors are very discreet in their purchasing habits and rarely make public announcements about the works or artists they are collecting. However, it is also a common belief this stealth like approach needs to change if women are to gain their due as well as global respect within the galleries and auction houses. When I recently asked the famed artist Marilyn Minter how she thought women could have a greater impact in the art world she simply replied, "It is time for female collectors to lean in."

Agnes Gund or "Aggie" as she is affectionately known in the art world is the current President Emerita of the Museum of Modern art and has been on its board since 1976. The name Agnes Gund is prominently affixed to the MoMA lobby as one of its most treasured and generous patrons. While Mrs. Gund's g...

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