Without a Net | Leigh Roche

July 29, 2014 9:27 PM

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Without a Net | Leigh Roche

We each have our stories of survival, not that naked in the jungle stuff or enduring other extremely harsh conditions. I'm referring to the general modern-day survival so many of us deal with, particularly job searches, loss of job, work insecurity and economic uncertainty many people are currently facing -there's no shortage of adversity. The hardest challenge of all is coping with these difficulties while maintaining our balance, flexibility, and sense of humor.

For many of us, a major adventure of survival is a job search; our accomplishments and shortcomings are bared for scrutiny and the whole process can be downright scary. It's difficult to not ooze desperation and often we feel perplexed and try to find some sort of meaning in our struggle, as a way o...

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