Wit and Wisdom From Art Historian Janetta Rebold Benton

January 12, 2015 3:54 PM

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The incomparable Janetta Rebold Benton will begin a new lecture series called Architectural Masterpieces at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University in Manhattan in February. Having been fortunate enough to see previous lectures, I strongly encourage readers to attend as the experience is extraordinary. During these lectures, this remarkable scholar takes you on a journey deep into the subject matter with great insight, erudition and, delightfully, a strong sense of humor. From the back of the room you can see her eyes sparkle with mischief as she lets you in on little known gossip about an artist or playfully points out imperfections or naughty content in the works being examined. The time flies by and too soon you know the lecture is over when you hear her conclusion, always rendered in rhyming couplets.

For those who know enough to give themselves a delightful treat, there is a luncheon with Dr. Benton following the lectures. At one I attended, we sat at several communal tables which seated eight to ten people apiece. As we dined (on a very fine selection of dishes) Dr. Benton asked us to address t...

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