What I Wish We Talked About More

April 6, 2015 6:23 PM

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What I Wish We Talked About More

Full and complete upfront disclosure here: Below is a list of things that I wished people (including me) talked about more and parenthetically other things I wish that people (also including me!) talked about less or maybe just not as much. I fully admit that I talk about those other parenthetical things, and I certainly do not judge others for talking about those same things. Yet still, I'm hopeful we can at least steer some conversations in the other direction. Maybe you do too. Maybe you don't. That's OK, too. Either way, we are good.

1. Ideas (Not Just Things) Where would we be without ideas? I can't even imagine. Every great inventor, philosopher and leader had an idea and discussed that idea with someone else and then someone else. These ideas brought us into the modern world -- to where we are today. It's not just those big i...

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