'Winter's Tale' Review

February 12, 2014 2:18 PM

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'Winter's Tale' Review

‘Winter’s Tale‘ makes ‘Safe Haven‘ look like ‘The Godfather.’ It is an absurd story adapted in the most dreary way possible, with lifeless performances, dull dialogue and laughable special effects. I need to cross-reference my files, but I think it is the worst major studio release with respected actors in five years. If any of us cared about our culture at all we’d be gathering our pitchforks and storming Hollywood now.

Akiva Goldsman, whose previous crimes as a screenwriter include ‘Batman & Robin,’ ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘A Time to Kill,’ pulled up the director’s chair for this one, too. He’s taken Mark Helprin’s 700-page magical realism novel and boiled it down into an incomprehensible mash of sappy absurdities. He...

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