Winter Is Here and So Is the Seasonal Affective Disorder

December 7, 2014 1:42 AM

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As winter finally sets in, days becoming shorter and sunlight scarce, our mood tends to swing towards passivity and a strange tendency to reduce the amount of activities we choose to undertake. Cold weather and daylight parting by the time it’s 5 PM seems to be taking a toll on some more than others and cutting down on our will to engage in hobbies and setting in a state that is strangely similar to hibernating. Whether we are talking about trouble getting up in the morning, or picking snoozing on weekends over going out, the phenomenon is real and has been declared a psychiatric condition from the depression family.

The disorder, fittingly called SAD – seasonal affective disorder – seemingly affects a large number of people. While 10 to 20 percent of the American population will say that they tend to feel tired or sad during the winter, 2 percent are medically diagnosed with this condition. Biologically, it see...

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