William Shatner's 8 Most Touching Tweets In Memory Of Leonard Nimoy

March 2, 2015 12:15 AM

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This week the world came together with a Vulcan salute as we said goodbye to beloved actor and lover of the arts, Leonard Nimoy. And among the tears shed for the actor were those of William Shatner, Nimoy’s longtime co-star and friend. Today marked Nimoy’s funeral, and because of a commitment to a fundraiser event, Shatner was unable to attend the funeral, so he decided to have his own memorial via Twitter.

Shatner had taken some harsh criticisms from news outlets for missing his fellow Star Trek stars funeral service, so in response Shatner shared memories and fielded questions from fans to commemorate his friend in a way he saw fit. Kind words, and caring messages were said about the late actor, and ...

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