Why You Should Be a Traveler in a New Land, Not a Tourist

October 20, 2014 9:44 PM

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If you were to turn back time to a little more than a year ago, you would find a 15-year old me, fully armed with an empty passport and unfulfilled travel dreams. At that point, I'd only left the country one time in my life: I slipped across America's northernmost border when I was 13, wandered about in the wilderness, and returned to the relative safety of home within the same day. Travel was but an ink print on paper, an idea so gossamer thin I couldn't tell if it lived in this reality or the next.

Ironically, travel is now one of the only sure and solid aspects of my life. I've committed to spending three years of my life bouncing around the globe, leaving a country almost as soon as I become acclimated. That's the thing though, it still takes time to adjust in every location. It's not an ins...

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