Why You Should Fall for Cocoa

February 13, 2015 10:00 AM

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Most people have heard about the potential health benefits of chocolate by now – each year around Valentine’s Day, it's a popular topic of discussion. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is frequently touted as a healthy “treat,” because its nutrients have been linked to health benefits like lower risk of heart disease. However, if we really get down to it, it's the cocoa that delivers these potential benefits. Cocoa is mixed with sugar and fat to make different varieties of chocolate, which is why dark chocolate is advocated for health instead of milk chocolate – dark chocolate typically contains more of the good stuff (cocoa) and less of the not-so-good stuff (fat and sugar).

In essence, chocolate is really a delivery vehicle for cocoa – to get the health benefits of the cocoa, we allow for some extra calories to come along for the ride when we eat chocolate. While this works for some people just fine, others may want to experiment with different ways of getting cocoa in...

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