Why You're Probably Lying To Yourself

February 3, 2015 6:38 AM

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Why You're Probably Lying To Yourself

Your internal dialogue may be the loudest voice you hear most of your waking hours. It is the real-time, real-language conversation you have with yourself every moment of every day, and it has a profound effect on the way you perceive the events and choices in your life. It gives you feedback constantly, judging, assessing, warning you or chiding you, cheering you on, praising you, disapproving of you, painting a rosy picture, or sending messages of doom and gloom.

If you want to return to your authentic self and live a life that will satisfy your deepest needs, you have to get real about your internal dialogue. Everyone, you included, is subject to distorting or missing the truth. Think about how many false messages and ideas have been introduced into your in...

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