This Is Why You Definitely Don't Punch A Monet

December 9, 2014 2:48 PM

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In one of the less appetizing cases of art vandalism, 22-year-old art student Jubal Brown vomited primary colors onto Mondrian's "Composition in Red, White and Blue" at the MoMA in 1996. The pre-digested medium was made of blue cake icing, blue Jell-O and blueberry yogurt, and was part of a three-part performance piece called "Responding to Art." For the second part Brown spewed some red onto a Raoul Dufy work in Ontario, but was stopped before a third work received an unexpected splash of yellow.

In 2001 artist Jacqueline Crofton had a dream, a dream that one day she would throw eggs at Martin Creed's Turner Prize winning work, "The Lights Going On and Off," a room where the lights go on and off. Crofton followed through with her dreams, tossing two eggs into the darkened room at the Tate, f...

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